Aerobics & Dance

Firm, Tone, and Sculpt

Engage your core as you simultaneously strengthen and sculpt your muscles. This 90 minute class incorporates a combination of Pilates mat work and cardio. The last 25-30 minutes of each session consists of yoga and stretching exercises and poses. Feel relaxed and invigorated when each session is finished. Be prepared to see long term results. Please bring a yoga mat and a towel.


Line Dance: Levels 1, 2

Learn complex steps and patterns to music and tempos. Learn up to 100 combinations and increase your physical fitness and brain power. Each level requires increased aerobic fitness and memorization of patterns.


Low Impact Aerobics: Level 1

Simple movements set to music while either sitting or standing to benefit your cardiovascular fitness. Also, various exercises performed to improve posture and alignment, strengthen and tone muscles, and increase flexibility and coordination. This class is beneficial to counter the effects of arthritis or inactivity.



This intermediate/advanced adult dance class will incorporate elements of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. Classes will include a stretching and strengthening series combining yoga with pilates exercises to build core strength and flexibility. Each class will culminate in a movement combination based upon the technical principals covered in class. Class placement is by teacher recommendation or audition only. Dancers must have a minimum of three years of dance training in ballet, modern, or jazz. Potential performance opportunities!