Briana Johnson – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

Briana Johnson – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

22:56 03 April in Student Success Stories

Briana Johnson enrolled in the Huntington Beach Adult School diploma program in 2013, needing 51 credits to graduate. After spending several years in the foster youth program, Briana had to withdraw from her Arizona high school and move to California. What some would call a devastating circumstance, Briana called an opportunity. Briana enrolled at the adult school and completed her credits in 2 years.      

In June 2015, Briana received the Simon Youth Foundation Scholarship, paying her full tuition at Cerritos College.  As a Cerritos College student, she has already received two additional scholarships from the Cerritos College Foundation.

Briana with Counselor Cynthia Bonnycastle and Diploma Teacher Teri Friend

Every semester since transitioning to the college, Briana has attended full-time, taking between 18-24 units. In addition to the demanding academic schedule, Briana is currently participating in COPE Health Scholar Program, a 280-hour certificate program designed for individuals interested in pursuing careers in health care.

Briana is an inspiration to all. Her compassion for others and her determination remind us that our future is not determined by our past. The Huntington Beach Adult School is excited to have Briana speak at our 2017 graduation, encouraging our graduates to aim high and follow their dreams.  Best of luck on your career path, Briana!