Community Advisory Committee 2017 Meeting

20:23 28 March in News

Administrative Assistant Breakout Session

Every March, HBAS calls our community together for an annual “check up” of our Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. At this year’s Community Advisory Meeting, held on March 23rd, we shared updates and sought advice from our diverse CTE community members.

This year, we had one of our biggest turnouts ever! It was an honor for our faculty and administrators to host students, community college and business partners, and HBUHSD Board Members Bonnie Castrey, Dr. Duane Dishno and Dr. Michael Simons.
First, Assistant Principal Shirley Vaughn reflected on several initiatives taken after input from past CAC meetings, including:

  • Career Readiness Skills course
  • Electronic Health Records course
  • Incorporating Microsoft Office and Outlook into our computer course offerings
  • Hiring a Job Specialist and College & Career Specialist
  • Adding English and Math Pre-tests for certificate programs, and offering free courses to improve students’ skills when needed

Ms. Vaughn also emphasized the importance of labor market data and feedback from local businesses in driving our career programs. She explained how these factors led us to establish the Personal Care Assistant Program, and to develop an accounting certificate program that will start next year.

During lunch, Principal Steve Curiel shared student demographic data, and described our efforts to a school safety net for students as we prepare them to transition to college and careers. Attendees also got a brief update on our career pathways from teachers in each program.

Pharmacy Technician Breakout Session

The meeting concluded with the most important part: industry breakout sessions. These sessions give our teachers and administrators a chance to seek advice from students and business partners in their fields.

The annual CAC meeting helps HBAS identify strengths, weaknesses, trends, and practices related to our CTE programs in order to better serve our students and our community. We are thankful to all who attended this year’s event, and look forward to implementing what we’ve learned!

– Briana Valadao is a teacher and “field reporter” for the HB Adult School.  She meets with staff and students to learn about the programs offered and share stories and new opportunities with the community.