Communication Skills

Lose the Fear of Public Speaking! A Speech Communication Workshop for You…


Strong communication skills are essential for a successful professional career, but also for fulfillment in most of life’s endeavors. This course will concentrate on two domains of communication: interpersonal exchanges (social “small” talk) and more formal public speaking (“big” talk). Gain selfawareness (and grace) and become less preoccupied with self-consciousness (or awkwardness). Participants’ anxiety about one-on-one and small group encounters will diminish, and ability to inform, inspire, and persuade individuals and audiences will increase. Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences designed to develop their skills in oral communication. Relevant theory and loads of enjoyable practice will be included, and participants will come to understand why “human beings are made for talking.”



Writing Your Life Story


You are unique in the entire universe and no one has lived a life like you have. Writing the story of your life can be one of the most life affirming gifts you can give yourself and those you love. Join like-minded people to learn skills and techniques that will enable you to actually put your life into words rather than just think about it. Give yourself, your children, and your friends a beautiful gift-the story of your life so far. Prior writing skills are not necessary. Enrollment is limited to 15.