Digital Photography & Photo Editing

Instructor: Pat Jones


Pat Jones began working part-time for the Huntington Beach Adult School as an instructional aide in the Technology Center. Within a year she began teaching part-time and eventually taught full-time. Pat attended teaching certification classes at California State University Long Beach where she received a life Designated Subjects Vocational Teaching Credential and a life Community College Vocational Instructor Credential. Pat is also a certified Microsoft User Specialist Authorized Instructor. In the 34 years of her teaching career Pat has taught various versions of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML (website creation), Windows and Photoshop Elements. Pat retired from full-time teaching in June of 2012, but continues to teach part-time for the Adult School.


Lightroom 5 • Beginning

Create varieties of effects within a single image, utilize Smart Previews, combine still images, video clips and, music into a slide show that can be viewed on almost any device. Learn techniques that will help save time by developing good workflow habits.

Minimum skill requirements: Students are expected to be able to comfortably browse and locate computer files in order to keep up with the class.


Lightroom 5 • Intermediate

This course builds on the basics taught in the Lightroom 5 Beginning. This class will cover, in detail, the Library and Develop section of the Lightroom 5 user interface and its function, as well properly outputting your photographs to print, the web, and archiving your work. Prerequisite: Lightroom Beginning.


Photoshop Elements • Basics 1

Learn how to quickly and easily edit photos with the many powerful features of Photoshop Elements. Students will be introduced to the various edit modes and tools needed to create photo projects including photo retouching, cropping, selecting objects, using layers, color correction, removing red eye, saving for print, resizing, and much more!

Minimum skill requirements: Before enrolling in this course, participants should possess basic computer skills including mouse operation and saving files into folders and experience with Windows or Mac.



Photoshop Elements • Basics 2

Learn to use the Enhance menu commands and review the most useful tools including the Spot Healing Brush Tool, the Clone Stamp Tool and the Quick Selection Tool. Learn how to colorize a black and white photo, how to use layers to enhance and sharpen photos, and how to use clipping groups. Create photo panoramas from your digital photos. Once editing is complete, use your artistic talent to arrange photos in collages. Introducing Adjustment Layers, Filters and Effects.

Prerequisites: Adobe Photoshop Elements Basics 1