Friday Computer Classes

Excel 2016 Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Microsoft Excel has become the tool of choice for analyzing and reporting data, yet many of its users are self-taught and have never received any formal Excel training. This interactive, hands-on workshop will teach you sophisticated and time-saving techniques for accomplishing your Excel tasks more productively. Throughout the class, you will learn how to navigate and select data more efficiently, use the AutoSum button and its other features for quick formulas. By the end of the workshop, you will have learned many tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your productivity and accuracy. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills required.


Mastering Cut, Copy & Paste

Do you know the multiple ways to cut, copy and paste? Learn how to cut, copy and paste text, graphics, photos and more from the Internet or other files into Word, email messages and other programs. Lots of shortcuts and time saving techniques will be taught in class. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills required.


Organize Your Computer Files & Folders

Confused about the computers’ filing system? Can’t find your files, folders or digital photos? Learn how to work with Windows filing system, create new folders, copy and move files into folders and organize your photos and documents. An essential skill! Skills taught are universal whether you have Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Prerequisite: Basic computer skills required.

PowerPoint 2016: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

You have created tons for PowerPoint presentations, but perhaps you need some time-saving techniques to help you work faster. This short course will do just that: give you tips, tricks and techniques for working with PowerPoint 2016.


Instructor: TBD