Brain Fitness

Revolutionary Brain Fitness Classes!

Sign up for our “Brain Fitness” classes, and work out daily with the software exercises specially designed to be responsive to your response level. The “graduates” from our first 14 sessions report dramatic results; proven increases in memory, response time, emotional well-being, communication skills, and thinking skills. The best part is that this program requires absolutely no experience on computers.


You will feel the difference immediately as you…

  • Lose 10 years in your “brain age!”
  • Improve your memory for names, directions, facts, lists and ideas
  • Sharpen your listening and thinking skills
  • Gain alertness, confidence, and vitality that you thought were lost
  • Hear more, retain more, and quicken your response time to process what you hear!


Brain Fitness • “Sound” and “Sight” Classes

Start first with the 40 “Sound” exercises, and improve your auditory processing and memory. Move on into Insight when you are ready-the “Sight” software takes “Brain Fitness” to the next level for improving your visual memory & processing speed!


Brain Fitness • “Sight” or “Sound” for Active Seniors who are busy during the day!

Students may take either “Brain Fitness” programs – “Sound for visual processing or “Sight,” the follow-up. Class sessions are 10 weeks. Students need to complete two sessions of 10 weeks to master all the Posit Science lessons in either course.

A global team of more than 50 scientists at leading universities created the “Brain Fitness” program for Posit Science.

Students need to complete two 5-week sessions to master all the lessons and receive the full benefits provided in the software and instructional program.