Ida Rodriguez – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

Ida Rodriguez – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

23:00 03 April in Student Success Stories

Fourteen years ago, Ida Rodriguez realized that if she didn’t learn to use a computer, she would be left behind in the world of technology. She bought a computer with all the bells and whistles, but had no idea how to use the programs. Ida set out to look for classes and came across the Huntington Beach Adult School. Ida was impressed with the quality of the classes: every student had a new computer to learn on, and every teacher was patient, thorough, and gave well-written, step-by-step handouts.

The real fun began when Ida started taking Photoshop Elements classes 12 years ago. After starting with Adobe Photoshop 2, she is currently working with version 15. Ida credits Nami Aoyagi as an amazing teacher, who is creative and knowledgeable and always brings new ideas to the class. For the past 10 years, Ida has enrolled in the Tuesday-Thursday 8:30am class–no matter what the topic. Ida feels it is a continuing learning process. She often refers to her classes as “therapy.”  Ida has made many friends who have been taking classes as long as she has. She looks forward to attending more classes and learning many new techniques.

Today, Ida is a corporate chef for a produce company. She has written hundreds of recipes and  six cookbooks, all made possible with the programs she learned in various HBAS classes.

Congratulations, Ida Rodriguez!