Online Computer Classes

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Online Course Information

These courses are entirely self-paced. You do not need to download any software or wait for future lessons. Within the 5-week session, you can access and work on any lesson, 24 hours a day and work as little or as much as you like–whatever suits you best. To budget your time; plan an average of 6 hours per week in online instruction (about 1 lesson per week). This includes reading the materials, watching video lessons, completing assignments and uploading your work.


Once you are registered, a one-time classroom meeting is required before the class begins; to pick up your book, materials and log in instructions. All correspondence is done via email. To receive a certificate of completion for the course, students must take an on-site final exam during one of our scheduled lab times or make special arrangements with the online instructor for that course. A final exam score of 80% or better is required to receive a certificate of course completion.


Computer Requirements:

Full version of Microsoft Office 2007 or higher is required to learn the program (i.e. Word online requires you to have Word 2007 or higher, etc., not a starter edition). This must be installed on your computer prior to starting the class. Internet access is also required in order to successfully watch the video content and upload your completed assignments to the instructor. The online classes are based on a PC with Windows 7 not a MAC.


Excel Excel 2013-Online Class Log-in

This online course teaches the fundamentals of using Excel 2013. It covers introductory skills, the Ribbon interface, inserting and deleting columns, rows and cells, entering and editing data, creating and modifying formulas, formatting worksheets, copying and moving worksheets, using charts and graphs and more. On site, in class, final exam score of 80% or better required for certificate of course completion.


Word Word 2013-Online Class Log-in

This online course covers beginning to intermediate Word skills for the computer user who wants to become well versed in Word 2013. Topics include the Ribbon interface, working with text, printing, using proofreading tools, creating bulleted and numbered lists, tables, forms and more. On site, in class, final exam score of 80% or better required for certificate of course completion. Prerequisite: File Management and internet skills.


Instructor: Tracy Foreman

Tracy Foreman is a Vocational Education credentialed instructor in Computer Applications, Office Occupations and Business Management. She has a Master’s Degree in Education Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and has been teaching at Huntington Beach Adult School for 13 years. Tracy is recognized as an online instructor, completing the Leading Edge Certification course. She also earned the California Council for Adult Education award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008. In addition to teaching, Tracy is the current Coordinator of the Career Technical Education department.