Sherry Mancini – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

Sherry Mancini – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

22:55 03 April in Student Success Stories

Sherry Mancini was a successful real estate professional for several years.  She actively served in the local, state and national leadership of professional and civic organizations to promote the professional advancement and economic opportunities for all members of our diverse community.

Sherry decided she wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare service field, where she could translate that same passion and desire to serve others.  She enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at HBAS. 

Pharmacy Technician Instructor introduces Sherry Mancini.

Sherry’s passion for knowledge allowed her to excel in her classes, which not only included the required Pharmacy classes but also Sterile Compounding, Electronic Health Records and now QuickBooks and Accounting courses. 

Her business knowledge, gained from 36 years of owning and operating her own business, administrative skills, leadership ability and social skills, have all enhanced her ability to be efficient and effective as a pharmacy technician.  Congratulations, Sherry Mancini!