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Financial Assistance @ HBAS

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"We want to give students every chance to learn." - Principal Steve Curiel What and Why:  At HBAS, we never want financial obstacles to keep students from reaching their goals. That's why we have always strived to make our programs affordable.   And now, HBAS has developed a financial assistance program to help students who need it the most.   Who can Apply: Starting in Fall 2017, students enrolling in the Career Technical Education Programs (CTE), English as a Second Language (ESL), or Diploma/GED programs will have the opportunity to request financial assistance.  Types of assistance available varies by program:   CTE-  Course Fees, Books, Materials, Transportation (bus vouchers). Note: Only students enrolling in one of our 6 CTE Certificate programs can qualify for assistance.  Students enrolling in an individual CTE course are not eligible for assistance.    ESL-  Books and Transportation  Diploma/GED-  Transportation and Internet Access We especially want to help our current ESL and Diploma/GED students take the next step in their educational and career paths. Students in these two programs who are in good standing will have a better chance of being awarded financial assistance. How to Apply:  Students can apply for financial assistance in 3 simple steps: Step 1: First, students must enroll and attend their orientation session, where they will provide household and income information.  Interested students will receive the Financial Assistance Request Form and directions on how to complete it. Step 2: Students bring the completed Financial Assistance Request Form and supporting documentation to the front office staff at either the BESST Center campus, Gothard campus, Westminster Mall campus, or Westminster High School campus. Step 3: HBAS staff will review the information to determine if the student qualifies for financial assistance. Students will receive a response within 1-2 weeks with further directions. We are thrilled to have the means to offer financial assistance, and hope this will open the doors for new students to reach their academic and career goals at HBAS.   Learn how to start the enrollment process here.  ...

ESL – Enroll for Fall starting July 5th!

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For the past few years, the ESL Program at HBAS has been expanding to meet growing demand in our community.  During the 2016-2017 school year, we added classes at a new location in Costa Mesa, the BESST Center, and served over 2,500 students! We are now gearing up for a new school year, and are excited to add two more locations at Fryberger Elementary (Westminster) and Anderson Elementary (Garden Grove). Starting on July 5th, students can now enroll for our Fall ESL classes.  Check out our list of our Fall 2017 classes and locations.  Students can enroll in any class at any of our main campus locations: Gothard, Westminster High School, the Westminster Mall Learning Center and the BESST Center. Please visit the ESL webpage to see the specific days and times for enrollment at each location. In addition to our standard ESL classes held mornings and evenings Monday-Thursday, HBAS is proud to offer two extension classes on Friday mornings: Citizenship and Conversation.  The Conversation Class gives students an opportunity to focus on building conversation skills.  This class is open to all levels. The Citizenship Class is designed to help second language learners pass the new citizenship exam and become U.S. citizens. Students will learn citizenship requirements, practice the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) exams and gain a background in US history and government. Students must test at the ESL level 2 or higher to enroll. HBAS is proud to continue serving our growing ESL community in new and exciting ways for the 2017-2018 school year....

Lifelong Learner Awards – 2017

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“Adult Education students achieve tremendous growth in learning while facing various personal obstacles. They often proceed to more challenging levels as they achieve their initial goals and discover new interests and set new goals.  Their desire to learn continues to grow and they continue to overcome life’s challenges. These students become models of Lifelong Learning for all of us, young and not so young.”    -  Principal Steve Curiel [caption id="attachment_24382" align="alignright" width="450"] Our 2017 Lifelong Learners (front row), with HBUHSD Board Members Dr. Dishno & Dr. Simon, Superintendent Dr. Harwick, and HBAS Principal Curiel (back row).[/caption] With these words, Principal Steve Curiel kicked off our 2017 Lifelong Learner Awards on Thursday, March 30th. This annual event is a special opportunity to honor some of our most dedicated and motivated students. Each year, HBAS educators are asked to nominate students who stand out as lifelong learners.  At this year’s awards ceremony, we honored six HBAS students from our Diploma/GED, Personal Enrichment and Career Technical Education programs. While our 2017 Lifelong Learners come from diverse backgrounds and educational paths, they all inspire the teachers, support staff, and fellow students they meet along the way. Thanks to HBUHSD Superintendent Dr. Harwick and Board Members Dr. Dishno and Dr. Simon for joining HBAS to celebrate our Lifelong Learners. Thanks to the HBAS teachers who nominated their students, and to the staff members who coordinated the event. And thanks most of all to our amazing 2017 award recipients: Cynthia Aquino Garcia - GED Briana Johnson - High School Diploma Ida Rodriguez - Digital Media Arts Ruth Lopez - ESL Chanh Phan - ESL Sherry Mancini - Pharmacy Technician   Our faculty and staff are proud to serve these students year-round, and to recognize their accomplishments at the Lifelong Learner Awards.  Please feel free to get inspired: click on each Lifelong Learner’s name to read their story! – Briana Valadao is a teacher and “field reporter” for the HB Adult School.  She meets with staff and students to learn about the programs offered and share stories and new opportunities with the community. ...

Chanh Phan – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

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Chanh Phan came to the United States 10 years ago, with her husband.  When her husband became ill with cancer, Chanh took on the responsibilities of caring for her husband and finding a job to support her family.  Her husband succumbed to cancer one year ago. While Chanh has always had the desire to become proficient in English, she is now especially motivated as a single parent. She wants to get a better job to help support her three school-age children.  Chanh believes learning English would increase both hers and her children’s chances for a better future. [caption id="attachment_24355" align="alignleft" width="300"] Chanh Phan with Assistant Principal Susan Torres[/caption] Chanh has been a real pleasure to have in class.  She is a kind lady who, despite her obstacles, is always upbeat. Although Chanh’s grades may not be the highest in the class, she keeps coming back with that same determination and focus she had when first walking into the class last September. Chanh’s teacher, Rebecca Spohr, is “impressed with her drive to succeed and to learn English despite all the challenges she faces.” We have no doubt Chanh will continue to thrive in ESL and beyond! ...

Ruth Lopez – 2017 Lifelong Learner Award Recipient

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[caption id="attachment_24374" align="alignright" width="300"] Ruth Lopez with ESL/Math Teacher Suzanne Hammoud and Principal Steve Curiel[/caption] Ms. Ruth Lopez is an ESL student of over two years, and is also enrolled in Suzanne Hammoud’s Math Refresher course.  These classes run back-to-back for six consecutive hours twice a week for Math, and four times a week for ESL.   A survivor of many life challenges, Ruth is unique in her tenacity for studying, and in her ability to juggle two jobs, two classes at our school, and a catalog business. She meets her financial challenges head-on as she travels to Washington, D.C. to see her son and daughter.  And between her many commitments, she still attends classes every day. Despite her trials in life, Ruth never gives in and never complains about her predicaments; instead, she always wears a smile and befriends classmates with a positive disposition. As teacher Ms Hammound explains, "this individual simply perseveres." Ruth aspires to pursue a GED Certificate upon completion of the ESL program.  Ultimately, she desires a career in Medical Assisting or a related field.  We wish Ruth all the best in her bright future! ...

Back to School: Fall 2016

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With a month of the fall semester under our belts, let's catch up on what's happening at the Huntington Beach Adult School: Staff Training  Before the semester began, the HBAS Certificated and Classified staff gathered for a Back to School retreat.  This 3-day event included a day at the Microsoft offices in Irvine, where HBAS staff received training on an array of Microsoft 365 tools for communication and instruction. We also met for two days at our Gothard Campus to prepare for exciting changes in our programming and our ongoing work in the Coast Adult Education Consortium. "In a nutshell," Principal Steve Curiel explained, "It’s all about transitions. We will continue to work with our local colleges and employers to build pathways for students. A major focus will be the student support services we provide to strengthen those transitions." ESL The ESL Program has been an area of major expansion for HBAS this fall. To meet an increasing demand from English learners, we have added classes in Westminster, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa. With over 1,200 students enrolled, almost all classes are full, and we have waiting lists for several classes.  A special thanks to our ESL office staff, who have spent weeks tirelessly enrolling students, distributing books and making ID cards. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates on newly hired staff, our College and Career Center, and our added site at the Costa Mesa BESST Center!  - Briana (Madden) Valadao is a teacher and “field reporter” for the HB Adult School.  She meets with staff and students to learn about the programs offered and share stories and new opportunities with the community. ...

Career Pathway: Personal Care Aide

22 September in News

Class Starts: Monday, October 3rd @ 3:30pm Westminster High School Campus – Room A1 – 14325 Goldenwest Street Instructor: Alan Bell  This fall, HBAS is offering a Personal Care Aide training course. Personal care aides give assistance to people who are sick, injured, mentally or physically disabled, or elderly and fragile.  As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, the demand for personal care aides is growing rapidly. How high is the demand locally?  HBAS Jobs Developer Arlene Flores has already made connections with three home health providers who are “really excited about our program.”  In fact, these companies are ready and waiting to hire our Personal Care Aide students! Connecting students to jobs and further education is a key goal for our school.  While open to everyone, the Personal Care Aide Course is designed as a pathway to employment for our higher level ESL students. To best prepare our level 3-4 ESL students, HBAS is pairing the Personal Care Aide course with a specialized ESL course. This course is also a great first step (and resume builder) for students interested in the health care field.  Students may start in Personal Care, and then decide to continue their training to become a medical assistant, pharmacy technician or nurse. We are excited to offer this new pathway to our students…especially when there is a job at the other end.  Enroll today!  Personal Care Aide Class  - Class Schedule: Oct. 3 – Dec 15th, Mon-Thurs, 3:30pm-5:30pm   - Early Bird Price: $389 (by Sept 26th)   - Regular Price: $419 (after Sept 26) Please contact Instructor Alan Bell with any questions: abell@hbas.edu.   Briana Madden is a teacher and “field reporter” for the HB Adult School.  She meets with staff and students to learn about the programs offered and share stories and new opportunities with the community. ...

Honoring our Retiring Teachers

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[caption id="attachment_21538" align="alignright" width="300"] Sharon Pritzos, Principal Steve Curiel and Randa Baird at the HBUHSD Certificated Recognition Celebration. [/caption] On May 4th, HBAS took part in the Huntington Beach Union High School District’s Certificated Recognition Celebration.  This annual banquet recognizes employees for their many years of dedicated service and choice to retire with the district. HBAS honored two beloved and respected teachers retiring in 2016: Randa Baird and Sharon Pritzos. Randa Baird first joined the HBAS as a substitute teacher in 1989. Within a few months, Randa became the lead teacher in the Medical Assistant Program. Since assuming this role, Randa has worked tirelessly to promote the program by participating in community events and leading a number of health industry associations. While building the Medical Assistant Program into what it is today, Randa left a strong impression on her students and colleagues. A former student recently shared that Randa added so much more to her education than any books could provide. Randa’s past evaluations are peppered with words like “wonderful, caring, professional, dedicated and a cheerleader.” It’s hard to imagine HBAS without Randa Baird. Fortunately, we will still see her now and then as an advisor to our Career Tech programs. Sharon Pritzos has been a key member of the HBAS family for over 30 years. After being hired as a substitute teacher, Sharon quickly began filling long-term assignments until she became one of the core teachers for our ESL Program.  Sharon was one of the first teachers Principal Steve Curiel met at HBAS.  He recalls being “immediately impressed with her passion for her students. Principal Curiel describes Sharon as “one of our go-to teachers for just about everything,” from curriculum development and book selection to student attendance and transitions. The ESL Program has gone through significant changes during Sharon’s tenure at HBAS.  Through it all, students and HBAS staff could always count on Sharon’s reassuring and caring personality to help them adapt and succeed. Both Sharon and Randa are perfect examples of the fact that it’s not the location of the school, the quality of the books, the comfort of the furniture, or even the technology in the class that keeps students engaged and coming back. It’s the teacher.  We are forever grateful for the contributions Randa and Sharon have made at HBAS, and wish them the best in their new adventures! Thanks also to our teachers who were honored for their years of service to the district: - 25 Years: Li Ngo - 20 Years: Deborah Klein - 15 Years: Keith Meginley, Harold Mozell, Brandi Peterson ...

Lifelong Learners Awards 2016

14 April in News

[caption id="attachment_21285" align="alignright" width="500"] Dr. Plutko, Dr. Dishno, Dr. Castrey, Lifelong Learners Tina, Roberto and Angie, Board Member Iverson, Principal Curiel[/caption] On Wednesday morning, April 13th, the Huntington Beach Adult School hosted its 2015-2016 Lifelong Learners Awards Breakfast.  Administrators, teachers and staff joined family and friends to recognize three exemplary students as this year's Lifelong Learners. Out of over 8,000 students, these Lifelong Learners were nominated by their instructors for their dedication, willingness to be selfless in class, and commitment to using their skills to help better the lives of others. As Principal Steve Curiel explained, "while many people struggle to find or make the time to better themselves through education," our Lifelong Learners "have overcome similar challenges and have succeeded." Each honoree was called up to accept an award from their instructor, and Principal Curiel shared their educational journeys. Growing up in Mexico, ESL student Angelica Reyes had to work full-time at age thirteen, and was only able to finish elementary school. When she came to the US, Angie was "motivated to learn English so she can support her daughter with her homework," and is now also enrolled in the GED study program. A working husband and father of three, Roberto Ruiz returned to school after 20 years to earn his Adult Diploma at HBAS. He thanked the teachers and staff at the Westminster Mall Learning Center, claiming that "they seem to work all the time." [caption id="attachment_21284" align="alignleft" width="500"] Our Lifelong Learners with their instructors and families.[/caption] Tina Olguin started out in the GED Program, and later moved on to the Pharmacy Technician Program. After using a variety of study methods (such as writing formulas and equations on the back of wrapping paper and covering her walls at home), Tina is now employed at Walgreens and told us, "I really love my job!" This is one of our favorite events of the year: a celebration of our students and the impacts they have in our school and community.  Thanks to all who came to honor our Lifelong Learners, especially HBUHSD Superintendent Dr. Gregory Plutko and Board Members Dr. Duane Dishno, Dr. Bonnie Castrey, and Kathleen Iverson. Learn more about our amazing Lifelong Learners by reading their Success Stories! See the Lifelong Learners Awards Album on Facebook!    – Briana Madden is a teacher and “field reporter” for the HB Adult School.  She meets with staff and students to learn about the programs offered and share stories and opportunities with the community. ...

Student Spotlight – Angelica Reyes // ESL / Lifelong Learner

14 April in Student Success Stories

Throughout her life, Angelica Reyes has independently 
developed her educational 
skills. Facing harsh economic conditions during childhood in Mexico, Angie was only able to complete elementary school. At thirteen, she
 started working full-time in the agricultural sector. Angie’s financial contribution helped her father purchase a house and her younger sister complete high school and attend university. Ms. Reyes came to the United States in 2002. She worked in a factory to support her extended family back in Mexico. In addition to working two jobs, Angelica quickly decided to enroll at HBAS to improve her English. She got married and had a baby girl.  Angelica is motivated to learn English so that she can help her daughter with her homework. ESL Instructor John Miranda describes Angelica as “a leader within my class.”  She has been awarded for good attendance, and taken initiative to help her classmates. Angelica has also enrolled into the GED study program, to learn academic information she has longed for since childhood. And for the future? She has dreams of learning computer science to obtain a career in fixing computers. With a determination to help her child succeed through her own self-development, Angelica Reyes has become an inspirational Lifelong Learner.  ...