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Are you frustrated with the “hunt and peck” method of typing? Need to improve your employment skills? In this self-paced class, students will learn alphabetic and numeric keyboarding techniques to develop speed and accuracy. Students receive a certificate verifying WPM typing speed and accuracy upon completion.


Self-Paced Lab

Self-paced lab class allows you to work at your own pace while learning Office Application software. Check out a book in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. An instructor is available to assist you if you have questions.


Typing / 10 Key Certification

If you require a typing or 10 Key certificate to verify your typing speed and accuracy, we are your solution. Typing tests consist of two 1-minute warm-ups and a 3-minute or 5-minute scored typing test, which you can take up to 3 times to obtain your best score. You receive a signed certificate authenticating your score.

Test Fee $20 • Exact Cash Only
Summer Typing Test Dates:
Typing tests can be taken on Fridays only on the following dates between 8:30 am- 10:00 am:
June 22, 2018 
June 29, 2018
July 20, 2018
No testing in August
  • HBAS-G Room C122