Staff Spotlight: Harold Mozell

As we close out the school year we look forward to meeting new people next year and bid a fond fair well to others. ESL teacher Harold Mozell is retiring after 21 years with us. This week, the ESL Department celebrated Harold with a lunch after our staff meeting.

Harold first heard about HBAS the same way many of our students do: by word of mouth!  Since starting at HBAS, Harold has taught ESL in almost all locations and class levels. If he had to choose a favorite, it would be Oakview Preschool. Harold has fond memories of taking his adult students to read children's stories and share in holiday celebrations with the preschool classes. 

Principal Steve Curiel described Harold as a "gentle advocate for his students," who thought (and taught) outside the box. One of his more unusual requests? A classroom piano, so he could teach English through music.

Looking back on his time at HBAS, Harold will miss our great support staff and fellow teachers. He "will miss the interaction with students who were always filled with humor and energy." Harold also expressed gratitude to his administrators: Marilyn Palomino for her encouragement in those early years, Steve Curiel for allowing him to explore technology in the classroom, and Susan Torres for her steadfastness and good nature when managing a staff of diverse personalities.    

So what's next for Harold? He is looking forward to a lot more quality time with his wife, Caty.  They hope to do some helpful things in Guatemala, Caty's homeland, such as helping out with orphanages and supporting local church groups.  Of course, he will continue tuning pianos and practicing his banjo, mandolin and guitar! We wouldn't expect any less.  Enjoy, Harold!