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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides support services and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so that they can have full and equitable access to the adult education experience. 


Student Rights: 

  • Receive services and reasonable accommodations based on disability-related educational limitations according to Section 504, Section 508, ADA, and Title 5 Guidelines 
  • Receive confidential treatment of disability-related information 
  • Privacy of personnel data, with the exception of the release of information to professionals who have an educational need to know under (FERPA). 
  • Be treated with dignity and respect 
  • Appeal decisions made by Accessibility Services 
  • Contact the school counselor immediately in cases where a grievance is related to an academic accommodation.  
  • Accessibility services shall be entirely voluntary 
  • Accessibility services does not preclude the student from participating in any other course program, or activity offered by the adult school 


Student Responsibilities: 

  • I agree to provide HBAS personnel with the necessary documentation for disability verification prior to meeting with a counselor for an Accessibility Services intake meeting 
  • I understand that I must meet with a counselor at least once a year to review my Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) 
  • I agree to request/use approved accommodations in a timely/responsible manner  
  • I agree to notify the counselor of any appointment cancellations 
  • I agree to return any Accessibility Services equipment that is checked out  
  • I agree to treat every HBAS employee with dignity and respect 
  • I understand I must check my student email account for important information from HBAS 
  • I understand I must meet HBAS academic standards 
  • I agree to maintain behavior appropriate for an educational setting as outlined in the HBUHSD Student Code of Conduct  

I understand that certain accommodations have additional conditions that must be abided by for the continuation of services to students must abide by. 


Suspension or Termination of Accessibility Services 

Eligible students may be denied services or accommodations through Accessibility Services. 


Inappropriate use of services is defined as failure to comply with the HBAS Student Code of Conduct and/or failure to comply with the policies and procedures of individual services that the student is using. Failure to comply with the terms stated within each specific service area may result in the suspension of that service. 

  • Services or accommodations may be terminated in the middle of the year. 
  • Prior to the termination of service, the student will be notified in writing that unless he/she meets with the Counselor/Administrator to discuss the area of concern, the service will be automatically terminated for fourteen (14) academic days from the date of the letter. 
  • At the meeting with the Counselor/Administrator, the student will sign a contract to continue/resume Accessibility Services, which outlines the guidelines for continuing services. 
  • Suspended services may be reinstated during the current year only on the authorization of an Administrator and only if there are extenuating circumstances that warrant the reinstatement of the service. 
  • Reinstatement of services for subsequent academic terms can be considered. 


Legal Responsibilities of Accessibility Services 

Title 5 Section 56010(b) of the California Code of Regulations indicates that a district may adopt a written policy providing for the suspension or termination of Accessibility Services when a student fails to comply with responsible use of Accessibility Services, service provision policies, and measurable progress policies. Such policies shall provide for written notice to the student prior to suspension or termination and shall afford the student an opportunity to appeal against the decision. Each student shall be given a copy of this policy upon first applying for services from Accessibility Services. 


I understand that I must fulfill the requirements of my Students' Rights and Responsibilities in order to participate in Accessibility Services. I understand the consequences of failing to comply with the rules and the responsible use of Accessibility Services. I understand that I will be notified in writing before action is taken to suspend services. I affirm that I understand and agree with the Students' Rights and Responsibilities and Accessibility Services responsibilities of students and will abide by them.