Student Support Team

Are you a current HBAS student in need of a little extra support? Our team is ready to help you reach your academic and career goals. They can provide guidance and connect you with colleges, employers and free community resources.  Keep reading to find the best fit for your needs:  

Counselor – Ashley Nguyen 

Ashley Nguyen

Are you struggling with school, due to academic or personal reasons? Our Counselor can help you identify barriers to success, find solutions, and access additional resources. Ashley is a great listener and passionate about helping students succeed. No issue is too small or too large to talk to Ashley about. Learn more here.


Guidance Specialists – Tammy Asaki and Melissa Alarcon 


Are you working toward your high school diploma? Our Guidance Specialists offer academic guidance for our diploma students including transcript evaluation, registration, choosing a course of study, and scheduling. Tammy and Melissa can also provide transcripts, letters, and verifications. Learn more here

Job Developer – Arlene Flores 


Are you looking for the perfect job? Our Job Developer prepares students for career success by offering resume assistance, Working Wednesday's, JOB FAIRS, and meeting with students to discuss Employment goals. Arlene also assists students with setting up interviews, interview preparation, job search strategies, and job placement assistance.   Learn more here


College and Career Information

Are you ready to take the next step on your educational path? Our College and Career Information can help you explore your interests, set career goals, and find a school that's a good fit you. Learn more here.  

Barriers to success

Some students face barriers or obstacles in everyday life. To see if any apply to you, and for a list of resources for each one, click below: