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 Our Job Developer, Arlene Flores, helps HBAS students prepare for success in their new careers by keeping regular office hours, assisting with resume review, job search strategies, and working with CTE Program students to help prepare for employment upon completion of their programs. Arlene has built strong relationships with hiring managers, and can assist with preparing for job interviews; She has over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare field, worked as a Director of Career Services overseeing Placement and Externship, helped those with disabilities along with DOR with job placement, and she brings a strong background working in Sales and Marketing.
You can reach Arlene via or the CHAT feature on your Teams.
Please note, Services are provided for HBAS students and there is no guarantee of employment.
EMPLOYERS   Are you seeking a great Job Candidate?  If YES,  please feel free to reach out to Arlene
                                to help fill your open positions - Let me be your NO cost staffing solution.
  • I can Provide resumes on highly qualified candidates
  • Pre-screen candidates
  • Provide onsite interviewing in our Student Center
  • Help set up interviews
In the Student Center students have access to the following;
  • View current Job postings 
  • Computer stations available where you can apply for jobs or utilize "OneFlow" for your resume
  • Job Searching via the internet
  • Explore various career opportunities 
HBAS STUDENTS Services Provided;
  • Employment Assistance (Must have Right To Work Documentation for Job placement assistance)
  • Provides job searching techniques and posts job leads
  • Assist with interview skills. and how to follow up after the interview
  • CTE Completers receive one on one job placement assistance upon completion of their program - Work together as a "team" 
  • Techniques of resume preparation
  • Networking
  • Dress for success tips
  • Time management
  • Helpful Job Links;

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Room B-103


Arlene Flores

Job Developer

(714) 842-4227 Ext 48422

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