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Online Learning

As part of HBAS' ongoing transformation to meet the needs of an ever-changing world, the use of technology to deliver services such as instruction, guidance, counseling, and other support services has become an important component of our school. We understand that not all students are at the same proficiency in technology skills and that some are in fact not comfortable with technology. In an effort to provide as much access as possible to our students and raise both the skill and comfort level with the technologies being used by HBAS we are providing links to training videos for our students. We ask that all new students beginning in Fall 2020 watch these videos in order to prepare for instruction and to access other services that HBAS provides.
How to Set-Up HBAS Student Email (PDF)
Videos for Students
One Flow - Walkthrough (English)
Signing In On Outlook for Student Email (English)
Teams - Installation Guide in Microsoft Windows 10
Teams - Installation Guide on iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Teams - Installation Guide in iOS (MacBook)

Videos for Students:
Additional Video Resources