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Guidance Specialists

At HBAS we have two Guidance Specialists who serve the Adult Secondary Education (ASE) students. ASE includes the High School Diploma and High School Equivalency (GED) programs. The main roles of our Guidance Specialists are to evaluate transcripts for new students and advise in choosing the appropriate course of study.
Tammy Asaki is based at our Westminster Mall Learning Center, while Vanesa Rodriguez is at the BESST Center. Their ongoing services include class selection and registration, scheduling, goal monitoring, grade recording, and record keeping. Guidance Specialists also fulfill requests for student records including transcripts, GPA verifications, and proof of enrollment/attendance. 


How does the HS Diploma Program work? 

The HBAS High School Diploma Program is a hybrid program, meaning students will complete their coursework both online and on campus. The majority of the coursework is completed online, however students will still be required to attend class twice per week.

How does the GED Program work?

The HBAS GED Program is a hybrid program, meaning students will complete their subject preparation both online and on campus. The majority of preparation will take place online, however students will still be required to attend class twice per week.

What is the difference between a diploma and GED? 

A High School Diploma is earned by completing credits in specific academic areas. The HBAS graduation requirement is 180 credits.

The GED is a series of subject area tests, after passing all four subjects (Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math) students will earn a High School Equivalency Certificate. Please visit for more detailed information.

How much does each program cost?

The High School Diploma and GED Preparation courses are free! There is a fee for each GED subject test; however, qualifying HBAS students can earn a voucher to test for free.

What are the time/location of the classes?

Classes are offered at the Westminster Mall 1025 Westminster Mall Space 1017A, Westminster 92683 and at the BESST Center in Costa Mesa 2045 Meyer Place, Costa Mesa 92627.

HBAS makes every effort to provide our student with flexible class schedules, which is why we offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

How often do I have to go to class?

Students are required to attend class twice per week. Each class session is 3 hours long. During this time students will have the opportunity to get one on one instruction, get feedback, take tests, and discuss their progress with their instructor.

How do I get started?

All new students must go through our Enrollment, Orientation, and Assessment process (EOA). Click here for our Orientation schedule. Please be on time and bring your transcripts.
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1025 Westminster Mall Spc. 1017A, Westminster, 92683 
(714) 592-1005 x 4422 

Guidance Hours (appointment required for new students) 
  - Monday/Thursday
     8:30am - 4:00pm 
  - Tuesday/Wednesday
    10:00am – 6:30pm
  - Friday 
     8:30am – 12:00pm 

BESST Center Room 120 
2045 Meyer Pl.
Costa Mesa, 92627 
(949) 515-6717 

Guidance Hours (appointment required) 
  - Monday/Wednesday
     8:30 am– 1:00 pm
  - Thursday
     11:00 am– 8:00 pm