Staff Spotlight: Peggy Segura

As we close out the school year, we bid a fond farewell to Senior Secretary, Peggy Segura. A Fountain Valley High School graduate who also sent her children to Marina High, Peggy is HBUHSD through and through.   

Peggy has had more than her fair share of transitions in her 35+ years with the district. Peggy worked at the district office, Marina High School and Ocean View High School before coming to HBAS in 1991. Once at the Adult School, she moved with us from Park View to Marina, Gothard and finally the Westminster Mall. She has been the secretary for Kerry Clitheroe, Marilyn Palomino, Doris Longmead, Danny Morris, Steve Curiel, Susan Torres and now Phil Villamor.  And through all these changes, Peggy never complained! 

When asked to describe Peggy in one word, colleagues called her professional, dedicated, organized, ultra-knowledgeable, nurturing.  In her most recent position, Peggy has been a key player on our Diploma and GED team. She shared that “even though we may have a difference of opinion at times, we still work towards our common goal of getting students to graduate.”  

Peggy’s last day will be our last day of school, June 13th. After making sure graduation goes smoothly, she looks forward to relaxing and spending time with her grandkids.  Her high school sweetheart and husband, Diego, is already planning trips and excursions. Finally, Peggy will now have her own “secretary” to keep track of her calendar. Thanks for your service, Peggy. Enjoy your well-deserved relaxation!