Staff Spotlight: Diploma Teacher Teri Friend

English teacher Teri Friend has been a mainstay in our Diploma Program for many years. In her long career in education, she has also worked as an instructional aide and WorkAbility II Coordinator.   

Principal Steve Curiel described Teri as a “witty rebel who always looked for what was best for her students.” Teri loves “helping students move forward with their lives (leaving their past failures behind them) and giving them the opportunity to see that they can achieve goals, despite setbacks.” She appreciates the chance to “be the person that changes a student's perception about school.”   

Teri will miss her co-workers, who give so much to students with patience and understanding. She acknowledges that “it is not easy to work in so many subject areas with a huge spectrum of learning abilities. I have met some of the best people working here at the adult school.” In typical Teri fashion, she also shared that she will miss the ice machine!  

So, what’s next for Teri?  She plans to become more involved in the animal rescue community and nurture her budding cookie business. Teri is excited to finally have time to finish up some projects and then make room for new adventures. We know she’ll keep forging her own path and have fun along the way.  Happy trails, Teri!