Staff Spotlight: Jason Ross

This school year, we welcomed a new administrator: Jason Ross. As our CTE Assistant Principal, Mr. Ross leads our Career Training and Community Enrichment Programs.  Jason's journey to administration at our district is truly full circle, from student to teacher and finally to administrator—all within HBUHSD. 

I recently checked in with Jason to see how his first semester had been at HBAS.  Sit with Jason for five minutes and his passion for education is obvious...and contagious! Whether starting a school newspaper with "at-promise" students at Valley Vista High School or going on field trips with our Pharmacy Tech class, Jason is eager to learn and connect with others.   

Why HBAS? 

As an Assistant Principal at traditional high schools, Jason has done it all: activities, curriculum, guidance, supervision, etc.  Looking for new challenges and experiences is in Jason's DNA.  When the opportunity popped up at HBAS, he went for it! 

While there is a big learning curve going from traditional high school to adult school, there is the common goal of college and career readiness. There are students who struggle with barriers to success. Jason relates to these students, as he struggled early on in high school.   

What excites you about HBAS?  

Jason thinks "the support staff at HBAS is amazing." He loves that our staff is able to give students close attention and guidance, especially as they apply for college and jobs.  Jason has "always loved collaborating with outside groups." He's excited to partner with businesses and non-profits to bring in more services and opportunities for our students.  

What are your goals for this school year?  

Jason shared that the biggest priority is keeping our programs strong and solid.  Our career programs are "phenomenal, short-term and inexpensive." A major focus will be to "get creative in how we find new students." He wants to "make sure HBUHSD students, staff and parents know about our programs and how we support our students."  

Lollipop Moments 

At a recent meeting, Jason brought his infectious energy to our staff.  He played a Ted Talk: Drew Dudley's Everyday Leadership.  Jason shared one of his "lollipop moments," where a teacher changed the trajectory of his life with a bit of encouragement. He asked us to share our own lollipop moments with each other, and then challenged us thank those who have impacted us in powerful ways.   

We look forward to seeing what "lollipop moments" Mr. Ross will help create at HBAS!