Harmony's Success Story

Harmony Houston completed the HBAS Medical Billing and Coding program on February 4 and started a new medical billing job the very next Monday. How’s that for a quick turnaround from graduated to hired?!   

Harmony first heard about Huntington Beach Adult School (HBAS) after “my mom encouraged me to look into HBAS after being laid off from my long-term job.”  She was nervous at first because she “hadn’t been enrolled in school since 2015, so I felt I'd be a little rusty!” But once she started the program and saw how much support she received from teachers and staff, her nerves melted away. 

A Blessing in a Tough Year  

Harmony faced some personal challenges while attending HBAS, losing her grandpa and contracting COVID within a month. She was thankful that her teachers were so accommodating of her need to grieve and heal. Harmony was worried about getting behind, but “teachers were always willing to jump on an extra call if I needed help.” She not only finished but surpassed her own expectations. After being a C+ student in high school, Harmony was proud to finish every final at HBAS with a B+ or higher.   

Rapid Hire 

Harmony was thrilled to find a job opportunity before she’d even finished the Medical Billing Program.  She had one weekend between completing the program and starting her first medical billing position. Being proactive certainly paid off! 

Spreading the Word 

When reflecting on her time at HBAS, Harmony said “honestly, HBAS has been a blessing.”  Her advice for prospective students thinking of enrolling at HBAS? “Bite the bullet!” After a great experience changing her career path, Harmony “will always be sending people to HBAS.”  She even plans to continue with our Medical Assistant courses down the road. 

We’re so proud of how Harmony overcame personal struggles to succeed in our program and find a job right away.  Medical Billing & Coding is a growing field, and our grads are in high demand.  Learn more about our Medical Billing & Coding program here.