Juliet: If I can, you can!

As part of our Pharmacy Technician Day celebration, we are highlighting some recent graduates of our Pharm Tech Program.  We caught up with Juliet after she was hired by Walgreens. Here are some insights into her experience at HBAS and her new job:  

What interested you in becoming a Pharmacy Technician?  
I am comfortable with medication due to me having to remember my husband’s, father’s, mother’s, brother’s and my own medication and what they are used for. 

How did you find HBAS? How did you feel starting the program- nervous, excited?   I found out about HBAS through my cousin who works in the office, and I find the school very helpful and supportive. At first, I was very nervous and worried that I was getting into something I couldn’t finish, as I’ve been a homemaker for almost 20 years. But with the support of my family and friends, that all went away. The teachers also played a big part in putting my mind at ease. 

Do you feel our classes prepared you? 
Yes!  Each one helped me in what to look out for in a working environment. 

What's your favorite part of your new job? 
My favorite part of my new job is being able to do the work I was training to do and I know what I’m doing, not to mention some of my co-workers are past students of HBAS. 

What advice would you give to future HBAS students who are thinking of enrolling in our Pharmacy Technician course? 
My advice would be that if a 40-year-old homemaker could finish and pass the course within the year and get a job soon after (during the pandemic), they sure can with no problem! Just believe in yourself and start the course on a positive note with good time management. 

If you could go back in time and speak to student Juliet, what would you say to her? 
I would say concentrate on your schoolwork more and stop reading those other books! I would tell myself not to worry so much that I could handle the workload and I had all the support I needed. 

Anything else you would like to share with us? 
This school changed my life for the better. Thank you to my cousin Lenora for thinking of me when she heard about the financial assistance. Thank you to my sisters, brother and kids for their encouragement.  Most of all to Mrs. Pam, Mrs. Nami, and Mrs. Arlene: Thanks so much! 

Thank YOU, Juliet, for sharing about your experience at HBAS.  We know you'll do great at Walgreens! 

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