A Bright Future for Natasha

Since graduating from our Medical Assistant Program, Natasha has had several job offers. She is currently working as a caregiver, and plans to start working as a medical assistant soon. Natasha recently shared about her journey to, through and beyond HBAS: 

“I am originally from the Philippines. I came to the U.S. three years ago to broaden my horizons and take advantage of opportunities that I felt I would not be able to realize in the Philippines. America is still the ‘Land of Opportunity’ for many of us. 

I stumbled upon the Huntington Beach Adult School (HBAS) from a brochure that I received in the mail. Once I reviewed what HBAS had to offer, I was torn between the Pharmacy Technician and Medical Assistant (MA) program. Both had great curriculums, but my passion led me to commit to the MA program. My instincts were correct. Among the many things that I enjoyed and appreciated about the program were:  

  1. The training schedule (I was able to continue to work evenings and weekends to pay for my schooling and living expenses);  
  1. The strong curriculum (with emphasis on core skills needed to work in the profession, including medical terminology, Electronic Health Records, essentials of patient care, hands-on clinical experience, and career readiness); and 
  1. The excellent faculty and staff: MA instructor Alan Bell, Career Readiness Instructor Nami Aoyagi, Job Developer Arlene Flores and CTE Coordinator Tracy Foreman.   

I would definitely recommend the program and particularly HBAS to anyone who is considering the medical profession as a career. After completing the MA program, I enrolled in a Microsoft Excel class to continue to expand my knowledge of Microsoft computer programs. HBAS has such an expansive list of options for adults interested in developing professional skills, considering changing career paths, or even for personal development. 

I am very excited to begin my new career, hone my skills as a medical professional, and even consider future options and opportunities (nursing, nurse-practitioner, etc).  The future is promising, all thanks to HBAS for crossing my path at an opportune time.  I am deeply grateful and indebted to HBAS.  Thank you. 

As an alumna of HBAS, I will do my very best to become a great ambassador by excelling as an MA and sharing my wonderful and rewarding experiences with others who are at their professional starting gate or at a crossroads of their lives.” 

Thanks for sharing your story, Natasha!  

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