Adult Ed Week: 3/20-3/24

"HBUHSD Board of Trustees strongly support Adult Education as an important part of the District. The Board urges Governor Newsom and CA State Legislature to recognize the important role of adult education in addressing the needs of our communities in the short and long term and to increase access to programs and services for the most in-need and not yet reached members of our great State."     

In honor of Adult Education Week 2023, our District Board Members signed a resolution describing the statewide history of Adult Ed and HBAS's impact in our community.  

A Journey from 1856 to 2023  

The HBUHSD resolution shared a fascinating background on Adult Ed in California. "The first recorded adult education class in California was held in the basement of St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco in 1856. The class was authorized to teach English to Irish, Italian and Chinese Immigrants."    

Throughout the 20th century, Adult Schools provided job training programs "as the state dealt with significant social, political, and economic issues...during World War II, immigration reform of the 1980s, and most recently, the Great Recession." 

The District’s resolution also addressed a critical 21st century moment. "Adult education in CA overcame its biggest challenge as a result of the severe economic crisis in 2008-2009. Funding previously reserved for Adult Ed was redistributed to other levels of education, resulting in many adult schools decreasing in size and closing."   

Thriving Locally and Statewide 

Since the Great Recession, California has reinvested in Adult Education, and it shows. With funding restored in 2015-16, and protected, "there are currently over 600,000 adult learners enrolled in ESL classes across CA. The impact of Adult Ed is felt across generations, particularly for early childhood learners." 

The HBUHSD resolution highlighted the ways HBAS continues to expand our reach throughout the community. "HBAS successfully serves students through its collaboration with community college partners and community-based organizations. HBAS served 4,700 students in the first half of the 2022-2023 school year."

HBAS provides significant and varied classes and programs, including healthcare., computer technologies, job preparation, high school diploma and equivalency, ESL, Citizenship, and Personal and Academic Enrichment."  

Why Adult Ed Matters 

Why is it important to celebrate Adult Ed? Because to do this essential work, adult schools like HBAS need support and funding—at the state and local levels. The more resources committed to Adult Ed, the bigger impact we can make!   

Thanks to our District for this recognition! We are proud and grateful to be part of a District that recognizes adult education's important role in our state and local community.