Staff Spotlight: Breianna Mitchell

Every spring, the Huntington Beach Unified School District hosts a Classified Awards Ceremony to recognize the amazing staff that make our schools go 'round.  Each school in the district has a chance to present their pick. Out of these honorees, one is chosen as the district-wide "Kay Nakauchi Classified Employee of the Year."   

For 2024, HBAS selected Breianna Mitchell as our Classified Employee of the Year. Several HBAS staff members nominated Breianna Mitchell for the award. It was striking how similar many of their reasons were.  Again and again, Breianna's colleagues described her warm and welcoming presence at the front desk of our Gothard campus:  

"Brei is a joy to have in the front office at the Gothard site. She is so patient and helpful to all students that come into the office." 

"Our student population come with many barriers & challenges such as emotional, low self-esteem, physical challenges, homelessness, special needs & financially instability. Breianna is the first person our students interact with. She has such a gentle way of helping our student population with kindness, & calmness." 

Briana's colleagues also highlighted the ways that "she goes above and beyond her scope of work to assist students and staff, whether classified or certificated." 

"She keeps staff members informed of changes and is continually seeking to improve processes." 

"Many of my students tell me she takes the time answer their questions and makes them feel welcomed at school." 

HBAS is truly grateful to have Breianna as an integral part of our team.  One of her colleagues summed it up perfectly:   

"Breianna makes everything at Gothard better, both for students and staff." 

Thanks to Breianna for your dedication to our entire HBAS community!