HBAS honors Boys & Girls Club

As part of its annual awards, the California Council on Adult Education (CCAE) recognizes community organizations that "have made a positive impact on student learning."  This year, CCAE chose the Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley as their 2018 Partner in Adult Education. On, May 24, HBAS Principal (and current CCAE President) Steve Curiel presented this statewide honor to Chief Executive Officer Tanya Hoxsie. 

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley has been a strong partner of HBAS for more than 10 years. Under Tanya Hoxsie's leadership, the Twilight Education Project has provided educational services to thousands of families in our community.   

Through this innovative (and free) program, Mrs. Hoxsie coordinates close to 10 partner agencies to provide tutoring programs for K-12 students, ESL classes for their parents/guardians, childcare and preschool services, and wraparound support such as meals, parent education, and health screenings.  

"Because of language and cultural barriers, like being hesitant to go to their child's school and talk to a teacher, parents don't know how to support their children in this new culture," explains Ms. Hoxsie. "We give them tools to help their children and resources to help the family succeed in their new community." 

We are proud to provide ESL classes as part of the award-winning Twilight Project, and honored to celebrate our Partner in Adult Education, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley!