2018 Community Advisory Committee Meetings

For many years, HBAS has invited community members for an annual "check-up" of our Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. The annual Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Meetings help our staff identify strengths, weaknesses, trends, and practices to better serve our students and community.  In addition to this year's CTE meeting, we had an inaugural CAC Meeting for the Adult Secondary Education (ASE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs.   

At each CAC meeting, we shared updates on our programs and sought advice from our diverse community of students, faculty, community colleges and industry partners.   

March 22nd: CTE CAC Meeting @ Gothard Campus

Our CTE Program had a great turnout for the annual CAC meeting, in spite of the stormy weather.  To begin the program, the CTE department coordinator Tracy Foreman presented the requirements for each certificate program offered at HBAS, as well as the student support systems available. Afterwards, everyone broke out into small groups to delve deeper into each program, so that the instructors could solicit feedback from the industry experts who attended. 

May 9th: ASE/ESL CAC Meeting @ Westminster Mall Learning Center

For the first time, HBAS convened a Community Advisor Committee for the ASE and ESL programs, with a primary focus on Student Support Services.  All of our partners were excited to be involved and made many connections at the meeting. Our next step is the development of committees in cooperation with our partners to create a bilingual job fair, a community resource fair, monthly workshops and community resource office hours.  We plan to have another CAC meeting in the Fall of 2018. 

Thanks, CAC members!  

A special thanks to HBUHSD Superintendent and Board Members, and our partners at local community colleges, non-profits, government agencies and businesses, for your attendance and valued input. We look forward to continued collaboration to help our students achieve their educational, professional and personal goals.