Career Training Discounts

 We are always looking for ways open our doors to more students.  This semester, we are offering steep discounts on our Allied Health Courses. These new prices still include books! 
 - $1149 per session REDUCED to $199 

Medical Assistant
  -  $489 per session REDUCED to $139 (Administrative / Front Office)
  -  $819 per session REDUCED to $239 (Clinical / Back Office)

Medical Billing & Coding
  - $649 per session REDUCED to $489 (Diagnostic Coding)

How to enroll:

  1. Students must attend the FREE Information and Orientation Session: Thur, Feb. 28 @ 3:00pm.
    Register here. 
  2. Register online for your CTE class. 

Questions? Please call 714- 842-4227

* Students in the Medical Assistant Program also must take Medical Terminology.