Partner Spotlight: Boys and Girls Clubs

I am thankful for the Twilight program. They bring us on a bus, teach us English, help us to buy winter clothes for our kids, and they help my kids to do their homework."  Twilight Program Parent  

When parents succeed, families succeed. That's the main idea behind the Twilight Program. We'd like to shine a spotlight on the partners that makes this program possible: the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley.  

The program was born out of a common obstacle facing many low-income families: language. Parents who struggle with English also struggle to provide for their family, help their kids with school, and access health care and community resources.  The Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley realized that "a program that helped the whole family could have a great impact on the kids." In 2003, this vision became a reality in the Twilight program.     

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, a fleet of buses brings families from low-income communities to the Boys and Girls Club's Pacific Life Branch at Golden West College. The Boys and Girls Club provides tutoring and childcare, while HBAS provides ESL classes and GED preparation. The entire family learns!  

Learning as a Family 

"It makes me happy to bring my children with me to school."  
"My teacher is patient and makes me feel comfortable enough to ask any questions and my kids like the help they get with their homework." 

HBAS Principal Steve Curiel reflected on the lasting impact of this experience. "Parents, many of which lack any secondary education, are changing the course of their family's academic success. These parents are showing, not just saying, that education is important." 

The program serves around 400 adults and their children each year, and the feedback is amazing.  100% of parents say that they are more involved in their children's education and literacy. Over 80% of parents feel more confident in speaking English at work and in the community.  As parents improve their English and job skills, they can better provide for their family and support their children's education.     

Support from the Community 

"I could not come to class without the babysitting the Twilight program gives to me."  
"The Twilight program has been great to my family. Without them helping us we would not have coats and warm clothes for our kids." 

Debbie Quintana has been teaching ESL at Twilight for 3 years. She shared that "the program is great for the whole family." She credits "the generous contributions of the Boys and Girls Club and HBAS to ensure that families don't have to worry about transportation, childcare, or tutors."  

Also supporting the program through parent education, health screenings, program promotion, and other financial means are Fountain Valley School District, Huntington Beach City School District, Ocean View School District, and Golden West College. Boys and Girls Club Program Director Alejandra Morales perfectly summed up the power of our partnership: "together, each of our organizations can do so much more for local families than we could ever do alone." 

We are honored to count the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley as one of our closest partners, and look forward to many more years of working together to serve families in need.  Learn more about the Twilight Program and how you can get involved here. Check out all of our amazing partners here