Debbie's College Journey

We love keeping in touch with students and celebrating their successes beyond HBAS. The only thing as exciting as seeing students complete our programs is seeing them graduate from college and get jobs.  In June 2021, we celebrated former diploma student Debbie’s graduation from Coastline College. 

Debbie earned her high school diploma at HBAS in 2018. She first heard about our program through the Newport-Mesa Unified School District when she went to pick up her transcripts. Debbie explained that she felt bad when “my youngest daughter mentioned something about me not finishing school.” She had looked into the GED test in the past but had been discouraged.  Debbie was eager to take classes and receive her diploma at HBAS.   

New Beginnings 

Nervous at first, Debbie shared that the staff and teachers at the BESST Center campus were “so welcoming and encouraging that I became more at ease with the whole process.” Instructor Samia Nasry described Debbie as “a conscientious student who always took responsibility for her learning,” adding that “what set her apart was her caring nature and positive outlook.”  

Thanks to her hard work and support from HBAS staff, Debbie finished ahead of schedule.  She then headed straight over to Coastline College.  After finishing summer classes, Debbie will have four degrees from Coastline: Social and Behavioral Sciences AA, Sociology AA, Gerontology AA and a Sociology AA-T.   

Next Steps 

Debbie will now continue her education at Cal State Fullerton.  She has been working in an assisted living community for 3 years and hopes “to get a higher position helping the elderly when I finish my educational goals.”  

Even years after graduating from HBAS, Debbie continues to inspire us on the path to a career helping the elderly.  College and Career Specialist Valerie Beachley loved cheering Debbie on at the Coastline College Virtual Commencement. She was quick to remind Debbie that “you can always count on us to support you in any way we can.” 

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