Lori: It's Never Too Late

Lori Dion lost her job of 11 years when the pandemic started. It was a very scary time for her as many people were searching for jobs. Lori says that finding a job without a high school diploma was almost impossible during this time. 

Lori dropped out of high school when she was 16 after finding out she was pregnant. She did not have any support and needed to work to take care of herself and her daughter. She married at 18 and had four children. Her education was put on hold for 29 years while she raised her family. 

When the pandemic hit, Huntington Beach Adult School was still able to keep its doors open online for students who needed a second chance. Lori jumped on this opportunity. 

Diploma Instructor Ann Cosgrove was proud to nominate Lori as a 2022 Student of the Year. She shared, “Lori consistently went above and beyond with the hours that she invested in school. If she didn't understand something, she asked for help and worked until the concept was clear.” 

Lori was determined to finish high school before her two youngest boys graduated...and she did! Currently employed as a caregiver, Lori looks forward to attending graphic design classes online through Golden West College in the fall.  

Lori is grateful to share a small piece of her story and hopes others will be encouraged to continue their education and never give up. She says “It is never too late to return to school. We are so lucky to live in the United States and have programs like Huntington Beach Adult School.”