Don't Let Fear Stop You

Sometimes barriers within ourselves are the toughest to overcome. For Taylor Scharbach, that barrier has often been thinking she can’t do things. In her time at HBAS, she has proven herself wrong again and again—first as a GED graduate and now as a Medical Assistant student.  

Taylor dealt with health issues that prevented her from finishing high school as planned. Familiar with HBAS as the workplace of her brother David, Taylor enrolled in the GED Program. She appreciated the welcoming and supportive atmosphere created by staff and instructors at the Westminster Mall Learning Center.  

Taylor gained confidence while earning her GED, and then decided to continue her education at HBAS in the Medical Assistant Program. She was a little nervous, but encouragement from David (and an HBAS scholarship award) helped her take the next step.  

Being Someone for Someone 

Taylor has always gravitated towards caring for others and likes “being someone for someone.”  After spending so much time on the receiving end of medical care, Taylor felt a strong pull towards a career in health care. Taylor joined Sunrise Senior Living three years ago and continued working as a Lead Care Manager throughout the Medical Assistant program.  

Taylor freely acknowledged the difficulties of completing the MA program while working full-time. Finding time between class and work to finish daily homework assignments took “lots of self-discipline.”  Taylor credits her family and HBAS staff for helping along the way and for believing she could do it even when she did not.  

Career Readiness Skills instructor Nami Aoyagi remembers watching Taylor blossom in her class. Nami described how “Taylor came into our program a little apprehensive and shy but now her smiles, posture, and the ability to mingle with others easily shows how much she has grown. 

Taylor is grateful for the in-person setting of the HBAS program. There was a lot to learn, but instructor Alan Bell was always willing to answer any questions and share his own experiences with the class. Mr. Bell paired lectures with hands-on activities, which helped Taylor retain what she was learning. Taylor was surprised by how close she became with her classmates in such a short time. She was excited to celebrate together at the CTE Pinning Ceremony

The Adventure is Just Beginning 

Now that she's earned her MA certification, Taylor plans to keep working with “my old people.” Though it’s hard when her patients struggle to communicate, and even harder when they pass away, her heart is filled with the “glimpses of recognition,” little seconds that make it all worth it. Taylor is already using skills gained in the MA program on the job such as taking vitals and charting.  

Next, Taylor is looking into a Med Tech certification, and still has her sights on nursing school down the road. But first, Taylor is ready for some much-deserved R&R—well, as much R&R as you can enjoy while still working full-time! She is most excited to get her nails done, something she could not do during the MA Program. 

Through her journey at HBAS, Taylor learned to push herself out of her comfort zone. She hesitated at first, “scared of starting and not finishing it.” But now she has done things she never thought she would be able to do. Even with health issues that continue to this day, Taylor now knows that she can finish what she starts. Though nursing school seems daunting, “now I know that I can do the MA Program, maybe I can do nursing school too.”   

When asked for a message to share with future HBAS students, Taylor quickly replied, “Don’t let fear stop you from reaching your goals.” She added, “Get into the right rhythm, then you’ll get it done” We know that with her self-discipline and passion, Taylor will knock down walls to reach her goals. The HBAS team will be cheering her on every step of the way!