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Personal Care Aide

Personal Care Aide Classes 
HBAS is offering a Personal Care Aid course in partnership with Orange Coast Community College!
• Foundational Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills (36 hours)
• Person-Centered Care (27 hours)
• First Aid and CPR/AED for Personal Care Aides American Heart Association (9 hours)
Personal care aides give assistance to people who are sick, injured, mentally or physically disabled, or elderly and fragile. They work in the home and help their clients with daily activities, such as bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, grooming, reminder to take medication, and some housework. The demand for Personal Care Aide is expected to increase up to 50-75% by 2020. This course is designed to prepare you to enter the workforce upon successfully completing it. Level 3-4 ESL students are welcome to enroll in this program.
See online HBAS Catalog of Classes for enrollment information or call (714) 842-4227 for registration and class schedule.