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Yoga classes are starting up again 4/19/21.  Come join us!
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Yoga will help to create a vigorous, well functioning body and an alert mind. It is energizing and restful, cleansing and calming, and brings to the body agility and vitality. Our classes are appropriate for people that are brand new to yoga as well as folks who have been practicing for some time. Students will work on different postures and various areas of the body in every class to help develop strength, flexibility, and balance throughout the entire body. Props will be available from the instructor (Straps and Blocks). 

Morning Yoga 

Wake up and get moving in our all levels morning yoga classes. Breath and movement merge to stretch the body and awaken the mind in a perfect mix of light workout and deep stretch. A good morning begins a great day! Instructor: Jerry Cruise.


Afternoon Yoga 

Experience balance and harmony through a slow and mindful practice designed to release tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Instructor: Jerry Cruise.


Yoga Therapy for Optimal Health 

Yoga Therapy is a holistic practice that empowers individuals with the healing tools of yoga to progress towards an improved state of health and well-being. Learn and implement techniques that solidify a mindful and compassionate relationship with the body, breath, and mind. Practices like body scanning, breath control, intentional movement, self-reflection and visualization are used in yoga therapy, in order to facilitate a holistic reintegration of the human system. Leave each class feeling rested, rejuvenated, healthy, and happy. Instructor: Ashley McKeachie.


Introduction to Meditation

Are you interested in the numerous health benefits of meditation, including better focus and concentration, and improved self-awareness and self-esteem? Learn and practice simple and effective meditations that enhance feelings of gratitude, clarity, and inner peace. Instructor: Ashley McKeachie.