Xinia's Success Story

“My dream is to grow professionally, because this is a country where you can achieve whatever you want to work for.”

Xinia was a go-getter from the moment she enrolled at HBAS.  In 2018, she started in ESL 2 and also enrolled in an optional ESL computer class.  Xinia progressed in her studies to ESL 3, ESL 4, and Word Basics classes, completing the ESL Program in 2020.  She completed CNA Training, and is now working as a Certified Nursing Assistant while earning her diploma at HBAS. 

Learning English

As a student in Lauren Roberts’ ESL 4 class, Xinia was a scholarship winner in June 2020.  Teacher Lauren Roberts described her as “kind and enthusiastic. She would get extra copies of the homework when her friends were absent and give them copies of her notes.”

In her scholarship essay, Xinia described the skills she gained in Ms. Robert’s class. In addition to grammar and US culture, she “learned about her rights for work, and how to increase her credit score, make a resume and be confident for an interview.” Ms. Robert’s class had regular visits from Career Readiness instructor Nami Aoyagi. Xinia credits her time with Nami and Job Developer Arlene Flores for helping her get a job in 2019.  

Xinia urges anyone who wants to learn English to attend HBAS. She described the instructors as “not only great teachers, but wonderful human beings.” Xinia explained that teachers and support staff “encourage you to continue doing things that can help you succeed in work and in life.” She also recommends watching English language movies with subtitles and listening to audio books.  Now that she is fluent, she enjoys these things even more!

Pursuing Her Dream

After completing the ESL program in 2020, Xinia put her ESL scholarship to good use by attending a CNA training program.  She successfully passed the course, passed the State exam and was quickly hired as a CNA.

Xinia is still the same go-getter we met back in 2018.  She recently decided she wanted to work at a hospital “because I want to grow and have more opportunities.” Xinia found a job online, applied, and is now working full-time at PIH Hospital in Whittier…with great benefits. She is well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a nurse. 

Meanwhile, Xinia is taking another step on her educational path at HBAS. She started our Diploma program shortly after completing the ESL Program.  Xinia completed 5 credits in US History while taking an intensive CNA class, and continues in the diploma program while working full-time.

Achieving a diploma in the US will take Xinia a step closer to nursing school.  For diploma teacher Mr. Alviso, it’s clear that “her perseverance towards her life goals will result in success for her in the medical field.”

We’re proud of how far Xinia has come at HBAS and are excited to see where she goes next.