GED Preparation *FREE*

HBAS GED preparation is completely online and FREE as in absolutely NO OUT OF POCKET COST


*Students must be 18 years or older (and no longer attending high school) to enroll.


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HBAS preparation courses are designed to prepare students to pass all sections of the GED. Students at HBAS begin by taking a diagnostic assessment that identifies their academic strengths and weaknesses, and coursework is assigned based on those results.

All GED coursework is available online.


We found that students are most successful when they spend at least 7 hours a week on their classes. Students who spend less than 7 hours over a 3 week average need to speak to their teacher.


Tier System

Tier 1.) Students who spend less than 1 hour of online attendance in a week be deactivation.
Tier 2.) Students who spend between 1 - 7 hours of online attendance need to contact their teacher for a meeting one-on-one meeting. 
Tier 3.) Students who spend 7 or more hours of online attendance in a week are on track for graduation.


The Westminster Mall location is a GED® testing site, and HBAS students may qualify for FREE Ready® and GED® test vouchers!*

The GED Ready® test voucher allows a student to take a FREE practice test ($6 value per subject: Math, Science, Social Studies or Reasoning Through Language Arts) and a GED® test voucher allows a student to take one of the four tests for FREE ($35 value per subject: Math, Science, Social Studies, or Reasoning Through Language Arts).


GED Testing location

1025 Westminster Mall Space 1017A
Westminster, CA 92683


 *Located on the lower level next to JCPenney (see map).

PLEASE NOTE | As a WIOA, Title II funded agency, all GED students at Huntington Beach Adult School are required to participate in CASAS testing throughout their preparation for GED.


For information on taking the GED test or getting a GED transcript, you can visit


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*HBAS students must meet requirements (e.g. completion of Post Secondary Prep, CASAS Testing and Teacher Approval) in order to qualify. Other terms and conditions may apply.